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New Bookmobile Design

The current Bookmobile is 18 years old. Much has changed since 2003 and the pandemic caused unprecedented change in 2020. The new Bookmobile design will be flexible to re-configure as parents look for help post Covid- 19, students need technology tools and educators seek assistance with the five elements of early literacy learning – singing, talking, reading, writing and playing.”

Our new Bookmobile has new and enhanced features such as:

  • Workable and flexible space for lifelong learning in areas such as early, digital, recreational, civic, multi-cultural, informational, functional, content, and critical literacy.
  • A wider variety of collections such as books, interactive early literacy materials, DVDs, CDs, and audio books
  • There are items for fun too!
  • Adjustable room for reference questions and homework help with professional librarians
  • Internet access and state-of-the-art technology computing at telecommunications stations
  • Resources for educators to enrich their teaching
  • Multi-faceted programming for children, seniors, and adults
  • Additional space for storytimes
  • Demonstration capability for STEM, crafts and more!


A press conference with many more details information is coming April 2021.