Dear Friends,

The Covid-19 pandemic has been catastrophic in many ways. From schools to small businesses to major corporations, we have seen many changes in the way we work and live, but one thing has not changed: the need to support the vulnerable children and families of Aurora with literacy solutions. And while the impact of Covid-19 may affect their lifetime, there are many ways we can help make a difference.

To lessen the impact of the virus, the Aurora Public Library District Foundation created literacy packets that contain dual-language books and small motor skill items. We partnered with the Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry and the Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry to distribute the packets to those in need. And due to community support of our virtual 5K event, we expanded our efforts to collaborate with several preschools and SPARK.

Accompanying the books and other items are literacy lessons and activities prepared by APLD’s Early Literacy Librarian. These offerings are perhaps the most important component of the packet. They are fun, educational and do not require online access.

Feedback from recipients shows that the packets are making a difference and it is heartwarming to hear that adults learning English are using the dual-language books too! By year end, more than 10,000 packets will have been created and distributed to Aurora families!

To keep providing literacy packets, we need your support!

To assist in providing literacy packets, please go to Sponsoring a child for four months is only $25.

We hope you and your loved ones have a safe, healthy and joyous holiday season.


Best regards and thank you,

Aurora Public Library District Foundation Board of Directors