Why Re-Start the Campaign Now?

We recognize the pandemic is not over. The compounding outcomes of Covid-19 make it more urgent than ever to replace our 2003 Bookmobile. We must act now.

Why Private Philanthropy?

Some people believe that because the library is funded mainly by property taxes that we have all the resources we need to meet the abundant needs of our diverse city. This is not accurate.

There is a significant gap between the operating budget and the services we must provide.

Since our first private philanthropic gift of $50,000 from Andrew Carnegie, we have relied on the generosity of people, like you, to fill the gaps.

From Christina Campos, Foundation President, honoring a Literacy Hero with a medal for the Lace Up for Literacy virtual 5K in October 2020…

The pandemic increased hardships, especially for vulnerable children and their families.

Through my roles as the Foundation President and as a Lead Case Manager for Family Focus, I have seen the suffering effects of Covid-19.

This unprecedented time halted the new Bookmobile campaign to focus on helping vulnerable children. The Foundation partnered with the Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry, Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry, preschools and SPARK to get literacy tools and resources to them.

The Bookmobile is the primary library for countless residents with challenges.

Over 10,000 literacy packets were delivered!

Now, I need to ask you to keep being a Literacy Hero and help us replace our 2003 Bookmobile with a new, 21st century one.

Michaela Haberkern, Executive Director Strategic Priorities

The Aurora Public Library District Board of Directors recently approved the Aurora Public Library District’s 2021 strategic plan. I want to share several priorities with you:

  • Library staff are resident’s first and best resource to reconnect with reading.
  • Students will have access to homework help through library sources.
  • Parents will learn school readiness skills to prepare their children from remote, hybrid, and in-person learning.
  • The library’s reading culture and program plan supports healing and mental-health post-Covid.
  • The library staff is responsive and accountable to the diverse needs of the community.

“It is an honor serving you and helping to bridge the educational and digital divide in our great city with you. I will keep you updated on our efforts and I look forward to seeing our library “bursting” with people again soon.”

2003 to Before the Pandemic

  • The current Bookmobile was put into service in 2003
  • Today, it has more than 120,000 miles
  • In 2019, we reported that the Bookmobile was off-road greater than 45 days due to costly repairs
  • More repairs have been required during the pandemic

In 2017, new graphics were added to the Bookmobile purchased in 2003.

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