Be a Literacy Hero

On behalf of the Aurora Public Library District Foundation, we invite you to become a Literacy Hero! By participating in our events, you help to make things happen for kids in Aurora! You can check our events tab periodically for news on upcoming events and view photos of past events.

Your participation makes possible literacy tools and resources for vulnerable children in Aurora. Covid-19’s impact is felt far and wide and for children in lower-income homes with less access to technology, tools and resources, the impact is even more detrimental.

Literacy Heroes donate funds for books, crafts and other literacy resources that are helping more than 1,700 Aurora families keep reading and literacy top of mind. The Aurora Area Interfaith and Marie Wilkinson Food Pantries, in partnership with APLF, are distributing these items to Aurora’s most vulnerable residents. Our food pantries are hunger and literacy heroes! The APLD Foundation has also partnered with SPARK to help bring literacy materials to at-risk pre-school students in Aurora!

You, too, can be a literacy hero by sponsoring a child. A $25 donation helps bring reading materials and literacy resources to a vulnerable youngster. Give monthly and your recurring gift will help even more children.  Please donate here to become a Literacy Hero!